Well, that seemed as good a word as any to “grab attention of the readers”. Please bear in mind I am not a pro blogger. I just wanted to know if there are other people like me out there, or maybe just share my story. 

The basic reason of putting up this blog is to hopefully find a solution to my medical-condition known as being a ‘Good Guy’

Sounds very nice. Doesn’t it? 
However, that inevitably means that no girl would ever feel the spark/click with me, there will be no mystery in the relationship and there won’t be the so-called Bad boy behavior. 

When did all this become so much more important than being a good guy, have a great sense of humour, have respect for the fairer sex, not being abusive and having deep care for your partner. 

Maybe I have just too outdated information in my head regarding how I should be the ideal partner. I thought the ‘good’ qualities would be appreciated and not be looked as bad ones. 
So, I’ll from hereafter, tell you about all the stupid/crazy (but funny nonetheless) happenings in my life. I would appreciate if you could give me your views on the matter as well.